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: KC Rock Chips will contact your agent for you and handle all the paperwork. Most Insurance Companies Cover 100% of the cost.


: If you prefer to pay for your windshield repair yourself we are one of the most affordable companies around. We strive to save you money.  Because of that we keep our prices at half of what our Nation Wide competitors are charging. We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards.


:  We provide you with a money back garantee. Should anything ever happen to the repair, you will get your money back, no questions asked.


: Our staff will be more then happy to come to your place of business, or home. For No Additional Charge. Making it easy and convienant for you. 



Windshield repair is preventive maintenance. A majority of vehicle owners tend to ignore windshield damages when they’re small, especially when they’re not directly in front of view. In effect, little cracks and chips on the windshield turn into large cracks, and when this happens, window chip repair via resin is no longer an effective option. 


Unfortunately, windshield replacement can be ridiculously expensive, with prices being more expensive depending on the type of your vehicle. Improperly installed windshields can cause a variety of problems for the vehicle owner. Among these problems include water leakage when it rains and sounds caused by uneven spacing. So why REPLACE ? when you can REPAIR !


The moment you see the smallest damage on your windshield, make sure you resort to window chip repair as soon as possible before the problem becomes worse and you’d have to turn to the more expensive option of replacing your windshield